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Bright Futures

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Schools that have Uploaded Data

Briggsdale Undivided HS - SD 10 J
Fort Lupton - SD 8
Greeley, Evans - SD 6
Windsor HS - SD 4
Prairie Jr-Sr. High School
Weld Central High School
St. Vrain School District
Platte Valley High School
Roosevelt High School
Valley High School
Highland High School
Eaton High School

High School Seniors


Fill out a Release From and email it to Weld County Bright Futures   Log into the Weld County Bright Futures portal and verify your contact info  Check your current eligibility status in the property portal

clip_image001 Find out if your high school has uploaded Student Data to the Weld County Bright Futures Grant program. If you attend an school outside of Weld County, your school will not need to upload student data. We will just require further verification of residency and enrollment when we get to that point of the application.

  • Look at the list on your left to see which schools have currently uploaded student data – if your school is listed, this means that your data is in our system and you will not need to do further verification of residency and enrollment.

clip_image001[1] Submit your Applicant Release of Information Form

  • Access and submit your form via your high school counselor, the application webpage, Option One (1) above, or on the eScholarship portal.
  • This form provides us with necessary access to determine whether you are meeting the criteria for the program, and allows us to pay your post-secondary school directly.

clip_image001[2] Once the two items above have been completed, you will receive your username and password, via email. You are now ready to SIGN-IN to the eScholarship portal by clicking Option Two (2) above. You will be asked to change your temporary password the first time you sign in.

clip_image001[3] In the application you will review, update and approve your demographic data in the MY ACCOUNT tab. You will add the post-secondary school or schools you are interested in attending in the SCHOOLS tab. You will next add a Guardian in the GUARDIAN tab. If you are over 18, a guardian is not needed. The program will provide you with information to determine if you are ‘tentatively approved’, ‘Ineligible’, or just need to provide some additional information, to fulfill eligibility requirements. You can return to the eScholarship site at any time to review your eligibility status, by clicking on Option Three (3)


· Application Deadline for Fall, 2016 is August 1st, 2016

· Once you are enrolled in your Title IV school of choice, we will verify your enrollment and the number of credit hours you are taking.

· You, and the post-secondary school you have chosen to attend, will receive your grant award letter once full eligibility is approved. This notification will be sent to you via email.

· Funds will be electronically disbursed to the post-secondary school, the day after your schools final drop/add date for the semester.

Contact Information

Michelle Jensen
Bright Futures Program Administrator
(970) 400-3258