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Photo of a young man standing in front of a chalk board with a light bulb drawn on it. Lightbulb drawing includes a drawn string making the lightbulb look like a balloon. Pursuing your desire to continue your education is easy with the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program. If you meet the criteria below, submit your application and get on your way! With up to $3,000 a year (for up to eight semesters) to use to help fund your educations, reaching your career goal is easier than you think!


Weld County Bright Futures Eligibility Requirements

· All students who graduate from high school starting in 2016, who are legally residing in Weld County, and have been residents of Weld County at least two of the last four years; one of those years being the year of graduation from high school. (Enrollment and residency must be continuous.)

· “High School” means any public high school, charter school, private school, or home schooling domiciled in Weld County.

· A Weld County resident graduating from high school outside of Weld County also qualifies.

· An individual earning a GED after January 1, 2016, in lieu of graduating from high school who has resided in Weld County two years prior to the application date;one of those years being the year of receiving a GED.

· Any Honorably Discharged Veteran who graduated from a Weld County high school since 2006 and currently resides in Weld County.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. - Anthony J. D'Angelo


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We believe you should be able to chase your educational dream wherever it may take you. That's why the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program can be used at any accredited educational institution or training program throughout the country. Of course, we hope you come home to Weld County once you graduate and help continue making Weld a great place to work and to raise your family.

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Weld County Bright Futures
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