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Business/Donor FAQS


Q: What is the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program?

Q: How and why did this program get created?

Q: Why offer this program to Weld County high school graduates, GED recipients and eligible veterans?

Q: How long will the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program be available?

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the grants?

Q: When will scholarship funds be available?

Q: Who is on Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program Advisory Board?

Q: Who will administer this program?


Q: How is the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program funded?

Q: What happens if the amount the County Commissioners set aside in the budget in a given year is not fully used?

Q: What if this program is so successful in getting donations that the donations exceed the amount the County Commissioners approved for the 50% property tax incentive payment?

Q: Besides being a donor, I am a taxpayer. What public input is there into this program and the amount budgeted each year?

Q: How as a donor am I assured the donations will be used for the Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program, and not some other county program?

Q: Will there be any reporting to the donors and public about the program?


Q: Who are the donors?

Q: How can I make my donation?

Tax Incentives

Q: How do I determine the maximum amount I can take as a property tax credit each year?

Q: How do I estimate how much Weld County government tax I will pay in 2016, so I can calculate my donation amount?

Q: Can I apply my credit to more than one property that I my own?

Q: When can I make my donation and get my property tax credit for next year?

Q: What if I want to donate more in a given year than I can take as a 50% property tax credit on my tax bill?

Q: Can I deduct my donation on my state and federal income taxes, like other charitable donations?

Q: My mortgage company pays my property taxes each year. How can I donate and get the credit?

Q: I represent an oil company and if the company donates funds and takes a property tax credit on the property taxes on production it will not save anything in overall taxes due to having to turn around and pay more severance tax. What advice do you have?

Note: Individual or business situations vary. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific tax questions.

As this program develops, details and requirements for the program may change. Please refer to this page often, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Updated April 08, 2016.

Contact Information

Michelle Jensen
Bright Futures Program Administrator
(970) 400-3258
Weld County Bright Futures
(970) 400-3258